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26 September 4:00 am
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Summer is a time when families can relax and enjoy lots of great adventures together. It is also a time when many children forget much of what they learned in the previous school year. To solve this challenge, Jeanine Manfro, veteran teacher, children’s book author, and Mom, wrote four books in the Summer Activities for Fall Readiness series published by Garlic Press.

One of the great thing about these books–they can be used anytime–even now!  They’re not limited to summer.

This series, with a book for GP201 Kindergarten, GP202 First Grade, GP203 Second Grade, and GP204 Third Grade, will alleviate the end of summer blues when kids have forgotten the previous year’s skills and are getting ready to enter a new grade. The books also provide great practice for those in-between breaks during the school year or even practice during the year when kids need a little extra help.

Jeanine is no newcomer to writing activity books for kids. She earned her Bachelor’s degree and teaching credential from the University of Redlands. She then went on to teach elementary school in Rialto, California. With as many as seven different languages spoken in her classroom, Jeanine also earned her certification for teaching English as a second language.

Jeanine enjoyed developing creative and engaging lessons for her students which eventually led to a career in educational publishing. She started as an assistant editor and worked her way up to Editorial Director at Frank Schaffer Publication. There she wrote and edited hundreds of instructional books, posters, bulletin board sets, puzzles, games, and articles for teachers and parents.

This workbook series was developed with Jeanine using the same successful techniques to help children maintain the academic skills they have already acquired and to get a head start on the skills they will learn in the coming year.

Each book is divided into 10 one-week sections. Five of the reading/language arts pages and five math pages are provided for each week. The first half of the book is dedicated to reviewing last year’s skills and the second half provides a sneak-peek at what your child will learn in the coming school year. At the bottom of each page, there is a suggestion for an additional activity that you and your child can complete together to extend the learning even further.

Jeanine has presented at national and regional conferences for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and she has advised other authors with an interest in curriculum development and educational publishing. As a freelance author, Jeanine has written over 30 educational books and teacher guides as well as several children’s stories. In her work, she promotes effective teaching strategies and creative lessons that will inspire a life-long love of learning. Take a look at this series and inspire your kids today!

Like many small education presses, Garlic Press was started by a teacher who had an idea to create and share activities with fellow educators. When the very first book was completed to help struggling substitute teachers and offered to the district’s school superintendent as a professional development tool was turned down, Garlic Press was born.



Since 1974, Garlic Press has been committed to producing quality content for children, young adults, adults, and homeschoolers in math, English, literature, sign language, braille, and substitute teaching. Garlic Press is committed to continuing the traditions of quality that were the foundation of the company. Garlic Press is also committed to sourcing Garlic Press products locally—written, illustrated, designed, and whenever possible printed in the United States.

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