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25 September 4:00 am
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It’s pretty safe to say that thanks to smartphones, laptops and social media, most of us don’t go an hour without being plugged into technology, let alone a whole day. Perhaps the most worrisome part of our dependence on technology is how it’s impacting younger generations’ abilities to engage in effective face-to-face communication. The topic of unplugging has been rampant in the media for a few years now and as a result there have been many books and articles written with ideas for how to take a break from technology.

Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don’t Need Charging, written by Brad Berger helps families put down the iPhones and reconnect with one another. The book includes a variety of games including word scrambles, memory, matching and spelling, making it the perfect collection of games for any family game night or vacation. The book can even serve as a teaching aid at home, providing a fun and creative way to practice vocabulary and spelling.

The author came up with the idea for his book after years of creating and playing games with his friends and family. While the games were all different, he noticed one thing stayed constant – people weren’t paying attention to their phones or mobile devices. Rather they were talking and laughing with one another.

Things that make Unplug & Play! 50 Games That Don’t Need Charging especially nice:

  • All you need to play are pens and paper to get started.
  • The games are adaptable for your group. Young or old, big or small, everyone can partake in the fun.
  • The games help you get to know friends and family better. You get to choose the categories that interest you most.
  • The book is lightweight and paperback making it easy to pack for vacations, field trips, and carschooling.
  • The games aren’t mindless. To keep up, players must be engaged and pay attention.

Is it time for your family to unplug and play?



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