Cupcake Geometry

29 October 4:00 am
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Cupcake Geometry

Written by Laurie Fleming


Today, we had a lesson in Geometry, right after we baked a bunch of cupcakes….which really confused my kids, since I told them it was math time, but first we needed to bake.

Here is what we did, we baked a batch up homemade cupckes, and we learned about about circles.

Because circles are everywhere, from the cakes, pies, cupcakes and other round food we make, to the mixers we use to the bowls we eat out of….

After the muffins cooled, we made our points on them, the diameter and radius, we found the center of the circle, using our protractors and rulers. And, then we drew on the cupcakes with food writer (so the kids could  also have their cupcakes as a snack)

We learned the following geometry terms with our cupcake lesson:




Here are the results:





What a fun (and tasty!) geometry lesson!

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