Storytelling with Buncee

1 October 7:38 am
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Storytelling with Buncee

Storytelling is as old as time itself. From cave paintings, to papyrus scrolls, all the way to Apple’s tablets – humans have told tales for as long as we can remember. Now, instead of scratching a rock against a boulder for hours to make a simple drawing, we can just drag and drop elements onto a digital canvas to create any kind of multimedia tale on!

As the importance of communication grows in our 21st century world, it’s important to create constructive and effective digital messaging. Here at buncee, our mission is to help anyone communicate creatively by providing creation tools that are fun and easy to use.

With buncee, you can:

  • express your stories in infinite ways. Use videos, photos, drawings, stickers, animations or any combination of these elements to bring your story to life.
  • share your creations like never before. Save some trees and send out your story via email, social media, or embed codes for websites and blogs.
  • create no matter your age or technical ability. Since buncee is web-based, anyone in any age range can easily create without the need to download software and learn difficult programs.

These are just two examples of fabulous digital stories kids have created on

My Day at the Beach:

Buncee Storytelling Blog 1

Apple Brothers:

Buncee Storytelling 2

What was once revered as an age old art is now, too often, viewed solely as a bedtime ritual for toddlers. Storytelling, however, is a form of communication that everyone should embrace. We all have a story that needs telling!

For educators, storytelling:

  • creates a live and emotional connection between the students and the instructor.
  • builds a sense of community as students bond over the shared experience and act out the tales.
  • engages students’ imagination and inspires them to create stories of their own.

For students, storytelling:

  • builds creativity, critical thinking, and technological competency- all essential 21st century skills.
  • encourages children to see the value in producing original online content, rather than being passive consumers of the web.
  • engages students imagination and develops pride in their work.

Every child has their own story to tell, and no two buncees are ever the same:

Lock Lomond & Luss Highland Games:

Buncee Storytelling 3

On Thanksgiving Day:

Buncee Storytelling 4

Given the importance of storytelling, we are excited to see people embracing buncee as a digital tool to express their stories. We are proud to provide a space where creativity reigns supreme and play and learning coincide. Our easy-to-use tool allows people of all ages to share their story; and we are honored to be the place where students can share their stories, passions, family memories, and simply have fun creating original, digital content.

For more storytelling ideas and other buncee projects, check out the examples page:


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