Using Candy to Make Math Fun

10 October 4:00 am
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This is an article from’s newest e-magazine. It is written by Misty Leask. The magazine is chocked full of great information-perfect for teaching preschool math–calculus.

Math is not known for being a child’s favorite subject. It does come easier for some kids, but the majority of kids would rather skip Math as a school subject entirely. Yet, it is important for kids to learn Math and using different fun methods to teach it is a great way to increase their motivation to learn and decrease your stress and frustration as the teacher. Math may never be your child’s favorite subject, but you can find ways to make it a little more fun along the way.

One of my favorite ways to teach math in a fun way is by using candy — M&Ms™ and Skittles™ work best because of the variety of colors.

Teaching kids how to count by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 25’s, 50’s and 100’s is made easier when using candy. You can begin this process simply by assigning a particular candy color to each number value. To start off you can use 10 candies to teach them how to count by tens and as they continue to learn you can then use 1 candy to represent the number value 10. This same method can be used to count by any number value. As your children move into addition and subtraction, you can use the candy to teach math the fun way still! Continue using one candy color for each number value while adding and subtracting.

Your children will love playing with the candy and they’ll be learning along the way! The treat that awaits them when they’ve finished their work is a great motivation tool too! I’m sure that you’ll find your kids ready to tackle Math more willingly once you introduce candy as a new teaching tool!

I’ve created some free printables that will help you get started in using candy to make your child’s Math fun! Be sure to stop by Year Round Homeschooling and grab the printable counting cards/addition and subtraction cards to get started today! After you print it out you’ll need one bag of M&Ms™, one bag of Skittles™, a pencil and an eraser!

Be sure to sneak a little bit of the candy for yourself and enjoy the giggles with your children after they’ve completed their Math work for the day!

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