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As the old joke goes, a man was walking down the street in New York, where he was asked by another man, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”  The first man replied, “Practice, practice, practice”.

As it turns out the joke has become a meme for parents all around the country who tell their children to “practice, practice, practice”, when it comes to school work of all kinds, music, foreign language, mathematics, writing, and more.  Much research has been gathered and analyzed to see if, in fact, it is true that practice is the key to proficiency.

Malcom Gladwell’s book, Outliers, gave vivid examples that we all recognize as exemplars of people who practiced their craft, at least, 10,000 to gain proficiency—Bill Gates and the Beatles, for instance.

Yes, as it turns out, practice is important.  But, the research is also clear that it has to be the right kind of practice—deliberate practice.  For students to achieve perfection, they have to have perfect practice.  Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

That is why it is important to give students guidance before they begin their practice.  That is the principal set forth in the Advanced Straight Forward Math Series from Garlic Press–there are 11 books in the series: Advanced Decimals, Mastery Tests, Fractions, Advanced Fractions, Percent, Word Problems 1 and 2, Pre-Algebra 1 & 2, and Pre-Geometry 1 & 2.

Each 40-page book starts out with a beginning assessment test to determine were to begin the Practice Sheets.  The assessment tells which basic skills are sound and which need attention.  Practice sheets provide ample practice for each type of problem tested.  As a final measure, a Diagnostic Test is included, to check understanding and focus on additional practice before moving to the next level of math problems.  Lastly, each book has a Final Assessment to measure all advanced skills.  After using these books for practice there should be a marked difference between the results on the beginning assessment and the final.

Practice, practice, practice.

GP-020Advanced Decimals

GP-044 Mastery Tests

GP-039 Fractions

GP-021Advanced Fractions


GP-083 Word Problems 1

GP-042 Word Problems 2

GP-028Pre-Algebra 1

GP-029Pre-Algebra 2

GP-030Pre-Geometry 1

GP-031Pre-Geometry 2


Like many small education presses, Garlic Press was started by a teacher who had an idea to create and share activities with fellow educators. When the very first book was completed to help struggling substitute teachers and offered to the district’s school superintendent as a professional development tool was turned down, Garlic Press was born.

Since 1974, Garlic Press has been committed to producing quality content for children, young adults, adults, and homeschoolers in math, English, literature, sign language, braille, and substitute teaching. Garlic Press is committed to continuing the traditions of quality that were the foundation of the company. Garlic Press is also committed to sourcing Garlic Press products locally—written, illustrated, designed, and whenever possible printed in the United States.

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