Mini-slider-gift-guide’s Top Educational Gifts for 2014 has just published.

The included toys have been chosen by staff, and by our many Product Testers. Thank you everyone for all of your input! When recommendations came with an explanation, we included the explanation as well—as we realize the more information you have, the better!

We’ve organized the toys by age group. But as you can imagine, sometimes gifts don’t fall neatly into one category. A toy for 6-9 year olds, might be in the 3-8 year old category—but not in the 8-12 category—as we didn’t want to duplicate our listings. So, depending on the ages of your children, you may want to look at the toys below and above your kids’ age ranges, as well as the ones that are a perfect fit. But what fun that will be!

As you might know, every year we include one sock monkey toy. Last year, it was a nesting toy, and the year before that, it was a jack-in-the-box—this year?

Educational…age appropriate…and fun—our Gift Guide for 2014!  Click here for’s 2014 Gift Guide!

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