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10 November 4:00 am
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Movement and Enhanced Learning and TheO™ SmartBall


Teachers, whether in a formal classroom or in homeschooling, all encounter the same question – how best to help the student learn.

For decades the typical way of classroom teaching has been to require students to maintain a quiet decorum during the teaching segments.  Students must remain seated, and only during the rare intervals of recess are the students allowed to move.

New studies on the brain and the body and how they relate to learning are beginning to look at this ages-old method of teaching in a new way.  It turns out that movement enhances the cognitive processes of the brain.

Some research is revealing that movement actually helps create new brain cells.

When applying a “movement for enhanced learning” concept, also known as “brain-based learning,” in a classroom of elementary-aged children, a teacher’s first concern might very well be, “But how can I maintain order and get any teaching done with a group of energetic kids running around?”

One solution is the revolutionary TheO™ SmartBall.


The developers of this “toy for learning” understand that teachers are looking for ways to enhance learning in the classroom with physical activity and engagement for the students. And that teachers, as well as parents, are also looking for ways to allow children to use technology, which they love, but in a physically active way.

Brain-based learning says that active kids learn more and retain more of what they learn. With TheO™ SmartBall, kids learn while they play.

Focusing on ages PreK-5th grade, TheO™ SmartBall is a soft foam ball that uses revolutionary technology and your smart phone to entertain kids. It combines physical activity, learning and fun into one dynamic experience.

Physical activity helps a child’s brain retain information easier, which gives kids a learning advantage in school by getting their body and their brain working together. Keeping kids moving while thinking improves focus, memory and coordination.

At the same time, kids look forward to learning with interactive games. The apps that work with TheO™ SmartBall offer a variety of games that get students engaged mentally.

Other apps keep kids just staring at a screen, but TheO™ SmartBall is entertaining and educational. Kids have fun while reinforcing their learning fundamentals.

Current apps for TheO™ SmartBall use the unique features of smart devices to bring a new level of learning as well as play. The SmartBall comes with twelve fun and free apps.

In addition, a wide variety of custom mobile app games are in development. They all take advantage of the unique features of smart devices such as acceleration/direction/motion-sensing, sound effects, music, and voice.

The SmartBall also has Bluetooth capabilities allowing it to link with additional accessories, such as Bluetooth enabled speakers.

For more information on the concept of movement enhancing learning, see Eric Jensen, author of the book Brain-Based Learning.


Author Bio – Physical Apps, LLC, a NH-based entertainment and technology company, creators of TheO™ SmartBall –  an entirely new way to experience mobile games, activities and learning.

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