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FREEBIE FEBRUARY–28 days of FREE educational goodies! FREE trials, FREE books, FREE courses, FREE printables, FREE toys, FREE and helpful information, plus so much MORE! Over 200 freebies in all! Yes—it will take you a while to scroll down the page! But how great!

We’re still working of the event…..inputting freebies….but here’s a sneak peek of some of the products we’ll be offering:

–          Free PDF copies of’s popular book “Homeschooling & Loving It!”

–          Free toys from ALEX Toys

–          Free trial – The Homeschool Planet® Homeschool Planner from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op

–          Free Level 1 Program from Rosetta Stone

–          Numerous freebies from Educents

–          Free 2-month math trial from ALEKS®

–          Free toys from the internet toy store 4Knowledge-4Fun

–          Free books and activities from Fundanoodle

–          Free yearbooks from Picaboo Yearbooks

–          Free play from Nessy Learning

–          Numerous pre-school freebies from Mother Goose Time

–          Free PDF of Joyful Homeschooling written by’s very own Rebecca Kochenderfer

–          Free Adventurer Packages from The Adventurous Mailbox

–          Free art lessons from Art Achieve

–          One semester language course from Middlebury Interactive Languages

–          Free typing programs from eReflect

–          Free First Form Latin from Memoria Press

–          Free online reading program from ESA

–          FREE 16-page e-book: A Brief History of English Spelling by Barbara Beers

–          FREE e-book Teaching Boys, written by Andrew Pudewa and Woody Robertson

We’re really excited about FREEBIE FEBRUARY! We’re counting down the days!


BTW, if you’re a company or blogger that would like to be involved—there’s still time—just e-mail [email protected]!

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