IXL – Product Review

January 29, 2015
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IXL offers kids unlimited online practice in math and language arts (pre-K-12th for Math and Grades 2nd- 8th for language arts). With their family membership you receive unlimited access to all their content–all grade levels and skill levels—which is a huge plus for homeschooling families.

The site provides a focused online environment for learning, but it’s also a fun place to be. Attractive images and awards and certificates are hidden throughout the site—which really gets kids excited. Heck, I was thrilled when I won an award! You might have trouble getting your kids off of IXL!

Things I particularly like about IXL—

  • Unlimited questions in over 4,000 skills—wow!
  • Fun and colorful practice formats—I did enjoy them.
  • Children get access to all grades, so there’s nothing stopping them from moving ahead when they’re feeling confident about a topic, or going back a grade level for a little review. Great for homeschooling one or multiple children.
  • IXL uses real-life math problems—math problems that encourage kids to think and to recognize how math is part of their everyday lives. I think this is really important.
  • Questions adapt to children’s ability, so as kids practice and get question correct, the questions become progressively more difficult. Kids can take things at their own pace, but still feel challenged to do their best.
  • The problems are generated algorithmically, rather than drawn from a question bank, so kids can practice, practice, practice, and never see the same problem twice (how cool is that?)
  • If a child gets the wrong answer, s/he receives immediate feedback and question-specific explanations to solidify his/her understanding of the concept. This lets kids learn from their own mistakes.
  • The site offers awards and certificates to print out as your kids reach important milestones—perfect for the refrigerator. IXL is a practice environment that rewards hard work—which is a life skill for sure!
  • IXL sends weekly e-mail updates on your child’s progress—information on exactly which problems your child missed, what he’s having trouble with, how your student has progressed over time, and how much knowledge has been understood and retained.
  • IXL has an app for the iPad, Android, or Kindle tablet—for mobile math practice.

Want to know which math skill kids learn in each grade? Click here to find out. Click here for the language arts skills. When you’re on these pages, you’ll notice that IXL aligns to the Common Core and to the standards of all 50 states. Although IXL aligns to the Core and to state standards, you don’t have to use them in your homeschool to use IXL (IXL pointed this out to me—they know you want to go above and beyond the CC/standards and they’re supportive of this).

If you think about it—it’s nice to know what the Core/state standards require—that way you can meet them….and surpass them.