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25 February 4:00 am
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Did you see that Red Apple Reading is offering a freebie during’s FREEBIE FEBRUARY event?


Red Apple Reading provides a systematic, fun approach to developing and strengthening core reading skills. The entire program is designed for children ages 3-9 who are reading below a 3rd grade level, and includes three online level options—Park Planet, Island Adventures, and Carnival Fun. All online programs include access for 3 children, a downloadable workbook, lesson reviews, unit reviews, a parent dashboard, flash cards, games, free access to members-only apps, and more.

Regarding the individual programs—

Park Planet – Level B – Best for Ages 5-7

This program includes 76 online lessons, 300 activities and 30 hours of instruction. It works best for young readers just beginning to put sounds together to read words. It covers short vowel sounds, word families, 100 sight words, digraphs, blends, long vowel sounds, and a review of letter sounds in the ABC Tree.

Island Adventures – Level C – Best for Ages 6-9

This program includes another 75 lessons, 375 activities and 35 hours of instruction. It includes more advanced phonics skills, 200 more sight words, vocabulary, and beginning reading comprehension skills.

Carnival Fun – Level A – Best for Ages 3-5 (coming soon)

Due for release by the end of the year, this preschool level is FREE to Complete Package and Lifetime members who purchase before its release (that’s great!). It will include practice in critical pre-reading skills like phonemic awareness, letter sounds, vocabulary, blending, memory, sequencing, and more.

I reviewed both Levels B and C (the Complete Package). Here are the things I liked about these two levels–

  • Lessons have a structured format that works well, and we all know that kids like structure. Lessons begin with animated instructional videos, are followed by fun practice activities and end with a review and quiz. I actually enjoyed the quiz. It’s broken up into segments with encouragement along the way—it wasn’t quiz(zy) at all!
  • The animated video lessons, activities, games and rewards are attractive, fun and motivating. I enjoyed the sounds effects.
  • During the lessons, each new skill builds on the last, so you get a logical learning sequence that encourages rapid progress.
  • Intelligent Question Logic differentiates the practice questions for each child, changing the difficulty of the questions as the child plays in many of the activities.
  • There is a reward game at the end of every unit, which is fun/rewarding.When kids have fun learning, that’s always a plus!
  • Kids can work independently (it’s suggested they work 20-30 minutes daily (1-2 lessons), three to five days a week; or with the parent, when using the supplementary materials.
  • Students can work at their own pace and revisit lessons for extra practice.
  • Kids can access the lessons anytime, anywhere, from an internet-connected desktop or laptop computer—no software to install (I like that).
  • The program/website is easy for kids and parents to use.
  • As a parent, it’s easy to create and edit child accounts, adjust settings for how often you want to receive Progress Report emails, download the User Guide and free resources, etc.
  • Red Apple Reading was developed by experienced classroom teachers, reading intervention teachers, a school psychologist, a speech pathologist, animators, web developers, and parents of school-age children. A lot of people had input.

Want to learn more and see how it works? A Free Trial of the complete first unit of both Park Planet and Island Adventures can be found here. Red Apple Reading—a great supplement for kids just learning to read!


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