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9 March 4:00 am
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This is a guest blog post from Creation Illustrated


Do you ever wish your children would unplug from their computer and cell phones and spend more time in nature? Do you ever wish you could just slow down and stop to smell the roses? Well, our homeschool family had (and still have) these longings, so we decided to do something about it. We developed Creation Illustrated magazine.

Why? Because we found the greatest amount of stress relief and restoration out in God’s Creation, and we knew that others could benefit in the same way. After all, that’s how we were made — remember our first parents spending time in the garden learning eternal truths from their Maker? So to help regain these blessings, we wanted our publication to INSPIRE students and parents to pursue, study, and flourish in Creation — actually Christ’s method of teaching through parables about the things He made.

So rather than develop faster thumbs on cell phones, the whole family can read, learn, and engage in CHARACTER-building lessons that teach eternal truths that last a lifetime (and hopefully beyond)!

We were prayerfully led to divide Creation Illustrated into 3 sections — Creation Illustrated in Nature, in Scripture, and in Living. The Nature section has all the animal, bird, and outdoor adventure features that contain many lessons for mental development from stories like He’s the King (why Jesus is likened to be a lion). The Scripture section covers one day of the Creation week in each edition which provides Spiritual development with plenty of facts to support the findings. The Living section has gardening stories like Subduing the Earth (weeding with a tarp!), wholesome recipes like Marbled Yam Bundt Cake, a children’s story like The Disobedient Fawn, a youth photo contest, and an Instructional Guide to help glean the best morsels and encourage activity for improved physical development. This balance of the Mental, Spiritual, and Physical enrichment helps develop the whole person in a meaningful way — not our idea, it’s God’s design and desire for us from the beginning.

But in addition to these personal benefits that readers savor, our letters to the Editor from all over the world often comment on the stunning photography. In fact some readers call Creation Illustrated, “The Christian answer to National Geographic!” They collect all of the back issues because they never become outdated, and they even get FREEbies by signing up on our Creation Illustrated website.

Anyone who has not seen Creation Illustrated and needs to “Stop and smell the roses” can order a Free introductory copy here:


BTW–There was a recent study from the University of Michigan that showed people who spend ONE hour a day in nature have a 20 percent INCREASE in memory compared to those who remain indoors or in urban setting. To our SURPRISE, the study also revealed that simply looking at nature pictures had the SAME result!

Family Picture Big Tree Park

And this is us—the family behind Creation Illustrated!


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