Easteraser is an American company that offers study and art supplies with a Christian theme. Their very first products are fun, colorful, and color-changing erasers, with a Biblical viewpoint. You can order 4, 8, 16, 24, 48 or 108 erasers at a time.

There are a number of reasons these erasers are more fun (and more educational) than the basic pink school eraser—

For the main fun factor, Easterasers change color with the warmth of your hand. We all know kids love things that change color! And think about it–this is a science lesson in the making!

Four eraser colors are available, and they change as noted below—

  • Blue to White
  • Purple to Pink
  • Green to Yellow
  • Orange to Yellow

For the most color change (the best results), erasers should be kept in a cool place. Then when they are used, there is a greater amount of change.

In addition to changing colors, each eraser has an uplifting Bible or spiritual quote printed on it. Another teaching moment! Students can learn to draw, solve math problems and study Biblical material, all at the same time!

Each eraser also contains a Christian graphic, giving parents an opportunity to explain the meaning of the particular symbol, and to go into greater religious detail, if they’d like.

The erasers can be used with pencils or charcoal and are perfect for art projects, math problem solving and penmanship/writing classes.

Plus, Easteraser donates a portion of its annual profits to charity. So not only do you get colorful and unique art and study supplies but you also help support a charity.

Yes, I guess it could be argued that these are just erasers — but these bright and unique erasers offer more than just the opportunity to remove a stray pencil mark. They’re teaching tools for so much more.

You can get your erasers here. In plenty of time for Easter!




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