Math On-The Go!

25 March 2:00 am
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Math On-the Go!

For a person who most definitely didn’t grow up liking math at all -in fact, I had quite an aversion to it to be honest – it is shocking that I am once again, writing a post about all the FUN Niamh and I have been having with Math!!! As we are very busy running from program to program, we have come across ways to enjoy math on-the-go and it would be very unfair for us not to share with all of you, so here you have it!

Upon researching stimulating ways to engage Niamh in mathematics, I came across the following brilliant ideas:

License Plate Math

While you are driving in the car, randomly select license plates to work with. Try skip counting, using the first or the last digit in the license plate. You may even try ordering the individual digits from greatest to least or least to greatest!

Did you hear what became of the humans on Earth?


Choose a color or a make and model of vehicle. Each person in the car then predicts how many cars bearing that particular color or make/model they will see from the beginning of your trip to the end. Have your child tally the number of cars spotted and give the grand total at the end of your drive, announcing the winner! (encourage your child to think about how many cars he/she thinks you will pass in a specific time frame. Ask if he/she thinks that number will increase or decrease depending on the distance you are traveling, the time of day and even ‘where’ you travel – highway, city, rural streets)


I’ve written about this before, but it definitely warrants a re-post.Instead of hogging the GPS to yourself, hand it over to your child with our children exposed to so much technology, they navigate around a GPS quicker, and discover more hidden uses than we do!

Hand him/her the GPS on your next trip as I always do with Niamh. Allow your child to direct your trip and give as many prompts as you can -Will I be turning left up here, or right? How many miles do we have left to travel? Is 2.6 mi closer to 2 or 3 miles? In how many ‘equal pieces’ does the GPS break a mile? What time is it right now? What time does the GPS estimate we will arrive? How much time do we have left to travel?

This is just a few of the many ways to engage your child in mathematics as you travel. So, instead of singing,John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidtone more time on the road, engage your children in on-the-go mathematics!

Multiplication with Playing Cards

Remember Multiplication Facts To Music? Well, here’s another wonderful way to practice multiplication facts with your child and have fun doing it:

1. Take out a deck of playing cards and your child’s multiplication table/grid up to 12.
2. Shuffle the cards and deal them between you and your child until all cards have been dealt (including the Jokers).
3. Explain to your child that each card is worth its value (2,3,4, etc…). The Ace is worth 12, the Joker is worth 11 and the Queen is worth 1 (or value them in any way you would like). If you leave the entire deck intact, you will have many opportunities to practice the 10 times tables with the 10, Jack and King. If you would rather reduce the number of times you will be multiplying by 10, simply remove all Jacks and/or all Kings.
4. Set up a score board with your and your child’s name on it. Now, just like Snap, you and your child turn over your top card. The first person to say the multiplication sentence and get the answer, wins that point and the game continues! For example, you turn over a 3 and your child turns over a 6. The first person to correctly state, 3 x 6 = 18!, gets the point! When Niamh and I play this, she screams out the answer! If she doesn’t know it off hand, she quickly refers to her multiplication table! Of course, I don’t let her get all points but we sure have a lot of fun playing this multiplication game and I’m sure you will too!

This site will give you more information on The License Plate, Predictability and Multiplication card games – New York Adventures in Homeschooling!

Get into Math! It’s Cool!


This is a guest blog post from Carreen Schroeder and New York Adventures in Homeschooling!

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