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Spring Break (Educational!) Fun

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Red Apple Reading has five spring break ideas that will not only bring a smile to your kiddos’ faces, but will engage their minds as well.

Write and Illustrate a Book – This spring break, why not collaborate on a book as a family? Come up with a story and assign each member a job (author, editor, illustrator, etc.). There are several different story creation websites (such as StoryJumper) that can be helpful in this endeavor. When your project is complete, send off your book for publishing. Your kiddos will have a beautiful book to show off and they will have learned about the writing process as well.

Put on a Play – Anyone who has ever read Little Women knows how much fun the March sisters had creating and putting on plays. Have your little men and women produce, direct, and act in their very own production over spring break. After daily rehearsals they will be ready to perform their play for friends, neighbors and grandparents at the end of the week!

Tour a Local Business/Charity – Your children’s spring vacation provides a good opportunity to tour a local business or charity organization in the community. For instance, local farmers are usually happy to give tours and explain the ins and outs of farming if you call and set up an advanced appointment. Also, if there is a charitable community organization you would like to know more about, set up a time to tour the facility and ask questions. Afterward, arrange a time to come back and volunteer as a family!

Enjoy Cultural Evenings – Tour the world over spring break without ever leaving your town! Pick 5 different countries and have a dinner each evening featuring cuisine from one region. Make sure to involve the whole family in these cultural evenings by enlisting everyone’s help. Have the kids do research about the country of the day and present their findings over dinner. Children also should help mom or dad prepare the meal. By the end of the week, your kids will have acquired new knowledge about 5 different countries and made some fun family memories in the process!

Learn a New Skill Together – Hopefully, your child is constantly taking in and learning new information at school; but when was the last time you (the parent) learned something new? Just because your school career is complete doesn’t mean your education has to be as well. Over spring vacation, join your children in the educational process and learn a new skill together. Take knitting lessons at your local knitting supply shop, buy a bird identification book and bird watch, or join and research your heritage. Whether you choose one of these activities or something different, the important part is learning and doing it together!

This spring break, avoid allowing the kids to sit in front of the television or computer all day. Instead, plan an exciting and educational week that your kids will always remember. If you have a spare moment, treat the kids to some computer time and visit us at Red Apple Reading. Like your spring break plans, you will find that we are both fun and educational!

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Jennifer Campbell is a mom of 4 and blog writer for Red Apple Reading offers online learning fun for your kiddos during spring break.

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