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6 March 4:00 am
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Typesy uses video lessons, online demonstrations, interactive lesson suggestions, and fun games to teach basic and advanced touch typing skills—and it works for all ages. It’s especially good for kids. Because children can use the software to play games, they learn to type without realizing that they’re spending time studying.

Things I really like about this program include –

One license, multiple users – With Typesy, you’ll get five user accounts for the price of one. Homeschoolers love family accounts!

Installed on any device Computer-based training doesn’t have to be restricted to one computer. Once you have your account set up, you can access the software through any internet-enabled device. You can also download the software on multiple devices. Since Typesy is cloud-based, all of the user data is stored and synced across devices, so no matter what machine you’re using to practice with, all of your user information is always current. So – your children can use the family computer, their own laptops, and/or other mobile devices to practice touch typing. Typing in the car? You bet!

The program offers a mix of games and activities – Typesy uses a variety of lessons, activities, and games so that kids – and adults – don’t get bored while learning. Even better, status points are awarded for each activity and lesson completed, which motivates the student to keep practicing.

Expert video tutoring Typesy uses video instruction to explain everything about hand position, finger movements, and keystroke sequences before each lesson. The user gets a complete visual guide to typing, and even a short course on ergonomics!

Integrated into any lesson plan — This program has a text import function. I LOVE this! You can link to online articles and other document resources that you’re using for lessons in history, English, science, or literature, and the software will use that text in its typing exercises. How cool is that!?! You can have each child use the same text, or individualize it for their particular lessons. Since they’re reading the text as they type, they’re learning more than just the correct typing techniques. It’s multi-tasking!

It’s affordable and the company offers a money-back guarantee – Typesy is affordable (less than $30) and they offer a money-back guarantee PLUS $50 if you’re not satisfied with how quickly your children are learning to touch type. From their website –

We’re so confident that Typesy will help you triple your typing speed—and increase your accuracy—that we will put our money where our mouth is.

If you’re not able to type blazingly fast with laser-like accuracy after using our software, we will not only give you a full refund of your money…we will also pay you $50!

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