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7 Tips for Homeschooling an Independent Learner

It is both fulfilling for your child to learn independently and can free up your time so you can focus on things you need to get done. You might even be able to find some time to spend on yourself!

Here are 7 tips for homeschooling an independent learner:

  1. Organize your homeschool in a way that is conducive to independent learning. Buy some magazine holders or file/paper trays that are stackable. Organize them for each of your kids by name and subject, and label them in the same fashion. Keep all the workbooks and materials in separate subject holders, so each child will have their own set of holders with materials for each subject. This way your kids can easily find what you assign them to work on. It will help empower them to take learning into their own hands if things are easy to find.
  2. Plan ahead and make checklists. The more things you plan ahead of time, the easier it is for your child to figure out what to do next. Making checklists is a great way to foster independent learning by setting clear objectives and expectations. Your child knows what assignments are on the list, and they will feel empowered as they tackle assignments and check them off the list. For younger children, you can make their checklist picture-based.
  3. Independent work is important. Plan assignments that don’t require you to assist. This gives children the opportunity to think for themselves, which is one of the most important parts of being an independent learner. You know those moments when you’re just amazed at the profound things your kids say. You’ll have many more of those moments if you give them time to focus on learning independently.
  4. Take a hands-off approach. During these times when your children are doing independent school work, don’t intervene. If your child has a question let them try to come up with an answer first. If they absolutely can’t move forward without an answer, then help them. It’s important to give your children time to think things through and arrive at the answer on their own. You may be surprised at how many times they’ll be able to figure things out on their own.
  5. Don’t worry. If you’re panicking after reading #4, stop panicking! Trust that your kids are going to be okay if you let them work and play independently (with supervision for younger kids, of course). Letting them learn and solve problems on their own will help them grow and feel empowered.
  6. Check up on your kids. After they complete independent work, review it. Make sure your child is on the right track and has completed what’s on their check list, and hold them accountable for things you’ve assigned. This is the perfect time to go over unanswered questions your kids might have.
  7. Use a curriculum that doesn’t require 100% of Mom’s time. If you use resources and plan assignments for your children to work on independently, it also provides you with extra time to get things on your plate done, and you might even be able to fit a little “me” time in there! Don’t choose things that require you to spend big amounts of time teaching, especially when there are so many resources to do this for you.

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Don’t forget to sign up for SDAccelerate’s free 7 day trial!

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