I have the pleasure of being part of a local homeschool co-op, and I get to meet a lot of interesting families.  The Gordon family is one of those. Mom, Jess, is an amazing artist who forever inspires me.  Dad, Alex, is a musican and has a pre-recorded radio show for kids. It is educational, entertaining, and I immediately fell in love with it. We love to listen on road trips. I asked Alex to tell me a litle about his endeavor, and here’s what he had to say.

I’m a homeschool parent, a husband, and a musician living in Atlanta, GA.  I also the create Alex Gordon Radio, a weekly, pre-recorded radio program for young people. Some liken it to a 30 minute sonic adventure that is somewhat like NPR for kids.
As a parent who grew up in a time when the telephone was something that hung on the wall in the kitchen and the television only had thirteen channels to choose from, Isometimes find the ever-advancing state of technology a little daunting.  Visual stimulation is everywhere and it seems that little is left to the imagination…Enter Alex Gordon Radio
Alex Gordon Radio empowers young people to speak their truth and to talk about what is important to them.  How they cook food, how they play games or musical instruments, how they interact with their siblings. These are commonly heard topics on Alex Gordon Radio. Young people listening to other young people (or even themselves) talk about their lives, that is largely what Alex Gordon Radio is all about.  No screen time required.
When I was in fifth grade, I had a teacher who would read to the class everyday after recess.  I remember sitting and listening intently, picturing all of the passages from the books so clearly in my imagination.  I believe that that kind of listening played an essential part in fostering his own sense of creativity.  There is a power to create that we all possess and I believe that this power is at its purest when we are young.  Young people hold so many talents, so many treasures and as an adult, I feel a large responsibility to help nurture those talents however I can.  Alex Gordon Radio is an avenue for young people to listen, imagine, and create. 
Do you listen to the radio on road trips? Do you ever record your children “teach a lesson?” What about recording your children’s explanations of places you travel?

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