Online Tools for Homeschooling Process Organization

One of the challenges that homeschooling families face is staying organized and on task every day. Selecting curriculum is part of this process, but it is also necessary to organize instruction time, track progress, maintain records, and ensure that kids have access to the resources that they need. Fortunately there are many great websites, apps, and software packages that can help homeschooling families meet their goals while maintaining their ability to educate their children the best way they can. If you are looking to add a little more organization to your daily homeschooling tasks, you may wish to consider one of these nifty utilities.


This homeschooling productivity app lets you access a variety of tools. These include:

Tracking and calculating grades

Monitoring the amount of time spent on each student

Measuring the progress of kids at different grade levels

Storing and updating lists of books

Creating, storing, changing, and deleting lesson plans


If you are part of a homeschooling family in a state with stringent reporting requirements, this app may be very helpful to you. Many families view this as a great, all in one, homeschooling organizational app.

This is a calendar app that each member of the family can use to stay connected with each other, and keep organized. If your homeschooling includes lots of field trips and independent study, this is a great way to make sure everybody knows where they are supposed to be at any given time without being intrusive. If your family is already using Google’s calendar app, Cozi can interface with your Google calendar accounts to ensure that everybody is up to date, online or off.

This is an iPhone based app that allows you to create and track lesson plans. If you are a homeschooling parent who prefers to create your own curriculum, this app can help you as you design lesson plans for your children.

This website was built to help families in setting educational goals, and then designing their homeschooling approach in order to meet those goals. The author of this website offers practical, real world advice that is tailored to each family’s individual needs.

The tools and templates page of this website is simply amazing. You will find access to help with classroom organization, calendars, motivational materials, along with templates that are designed for specific academic subjects.

Whether you are searching for curriculum ideas, organizational advice, or projects to work on with your kids, Pinterest is a great resource for any homeschooling family.

Take a moment to visit this website, and download the free homeschooling planner. This includes planners, calendars, unit studies trackers, assignment sheets, and even household chore lists. Fans of Flylady will love the fact that some of the features on this app are compatible with


Well, there they are.  Great websites, apps, and other tools that are sure to help your family succeed in its homeschooling endeavors. Hopefully you will find that a few of these tools help keep your family, happy, productive, and of course always learning.



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