“Stop and Smell the Roses” this Mother’s Day with Creation Illustrated — a gift that lasts ALL YEAR LONG!

Mother’s Day generates the second largest flower sales Holiday of the year!  Over $18.6 billion will be spent on Mother’s Day gifts and meals with the average consumer spending over $150.

That includes a lot of flowers that will soon fade and be discarded.  We wanted to correct this trend of fleeting signs of love and appreciation with a gift of stunning flowers, spiritually uplifting messages, and even wholesome recipes that do NOT fade or get discarded.  In fact, our Mother’s Day gift comes 4 times a year (shipping included) for less than $15!

That’s right, Creation Illustrated magazine has been helping Mom’s slow down to “stop and smell the roses” for over 21 years!  In fact, readers call it, “The Christian answer to National Geographic!” — every issue’s a keepsake.

Mom’s like it not only for themselves and as a gift to every Mom in their family, but it also serves as a perfect homeschooling tool for providing character-building lessons for students of all ages.

It all got started when our homeschool family found the greatest amount of stress relief, restoration, and learning opportunities out in God’s Creation, and we knew that others could benefit in the same way.  After all, that’s how we were made — remember our first parents spending time in the garden learning eternal truths from their Maker?  Our publication INSPIRES Moms and students to pursue, study, and flourish in Creation — which is Christ’s method of teaching through parables about the things He made — including the flowers!  “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin . . .” (Matthew 6:28).

In fact, we were prayerfully led to divide Creation Illustrated into 3 sections — Creation Illustrated in Nature, in Scripture, and in Living.  These 3 sections offer animal and bird features, outdoor adventures, gardening tips, recipes, a youth photo contest, and even an Instructional Guide to help glean vital lessons and encourage activity in God’s Creation.  This balance of the Mental, Spiritual, and Physical enrichment helps develop children in a meaningful way — not our idea, it is God’s design and desire for us from the beginning.

But in addition to these personal benefits that readers savor, our letters to the Editor from all over the world often comment on the stunning photography and meaningful articles.  Readers collect all of the back issues because they never become outdated, and will not fade away like the flowers often given on Mother’s Day.  You can even get FREEbies by signing up on our Creation Illustrated website:

Anyone who has not seen Creation Illustrated can “stop and smell the roses” that won’t fade with a Mother’s Day gift subscription for yourself and all the mothers in your family.  Enjoy the blessings for a full year at 25% Off by clicking this link: Or, you can try a Free introductory copy by clicking this link:


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