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Discover your Child’s Learning Style

Whether you have one child or five in your homeschool, you’ve probably noticed that no two children learn the same way. As much as we love our children’s differences and unique abilities, it can make teaching a little difficult sometimes. What if we told you that you could discover your child’s learning style as well as learn the best way to teach to that learning style?

Is your child a Performing Paul or Paula?

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has teamed up with Mariaemma Willis, a Learning Style Specialist, to help you discover your child’s unique learning style! Whether your child is a Performing Paul or Paula, an Inventing Isabel or Ian, or one of the other learning styles, you can learn the best way to teach to their specific needs. Here’s a brief overview of each learning style as described by Mariaemma Willis:

  • Performing Paul & Paula: Need for excitement and movement. They are movers, risk-takers, adventurers and crave hands-on, experiential activities.
  • Inventing Isabel & Ian: Need to explore, discover, ask, solve. They are explorers, collectors, experimenters who ask a lot of questions.
  • Thinking/Creating Ted & Terry: Need to think, create, be alone. They are imaginative and creative who tend to bring a new perspective to every situation.
  • Relating/Inspiring Rita & Ron: Need to talk, interact, cooperate. They are usually talkers and social by nature and desire cooperation, interaction and discussion.
  • Producing Pete & Pam: Need for order. They are punctual, neat and productive students who thrive on rules, routine and tradition.

Do any of these learning styles sound like one or all of your students in your homeschool? If so, take a look at our Learning Styles Overview for more information on each learning style. Then, when you’re ready to start your child’s Learning Style Assessment, the Co-op has a special $5 Learning Style Assessment offer for the month of May.

Make homeschooling your children a little easier by teaching to the learning style that best fits them and watch the light bulb burn even brighter!

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