I’m Liesl Johnson, an educator with a passion for great vocabulary instruction. With degrees in English education and educational psychology as well as a decade of experience in teaching vocabulary, I’m able to bring the very best vocabulary instruction to your kids.

I’d like to invite you and your kids to sign up for my daily vocabulary lessons. They’re free and always will be. They get sent straight to your inbox, and I think you’ll find that it’s really easy and convenient to use them as a regular part of your homeschool curriculum.

I call this lesson series “Make Your Point.” It’s because the lessons help you say exactly what you mean with no wasted words, in both conversation and writing.

Each daily issue highlights a sophisticated but useful word, with an easy-to-understand definition, plenty of examples, engaging review questions, and more. You can work through each short, fun lesson along with your kids in about five to ten minutes.

Over time, as your kids study with “Make Your Point” issues, they’ll be understanding more difficult texts, speaking more precisely, and writing with better diction and concision. They’ll also be well-prepared for the reading and writing portions of their college entrance exams, but more importantly, they’ll be ready to shine in their college courses.

Please sign up here!

I’ll never spam you or reveal your e-mail address to anyone else. And, you can always unsubscribe with a quick click if you find you don’t like “Make Your Point.”

But, I bet you’ll like it! I’ve heard from students as young as 9 and adults as old as 60 that they love “Make Your Point” and find it useful. Here are some of those compliments from a few of the 1,000+ subscribers:

“Really well done.” –Bob Meadows
“I just received my first email. I love it.” -Elizabeth Entenman
“The perfect remedy to knowing a word without being able to explain it.” -Steven Kim
“Really useful!” -Ashleigh Barrett-Young
“These are very well done…. wish I had this back when I was going for my SATs.” -Dave Bradley

Thanks so much for trying it out! I pour my heart into writing each lesson, just like you do every day as you teach your kids.

With warm appreciation,


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