10 Reasons to Homeschool Year Round

For many homeschool parents, a traditional three-month summer vacation brings a long-awaited freedom from lesson planning, book-cluttered tables, and hurried daily schedules However, here’s a successful homeschool secret worth noting. Homeschooling year round can provide significant benefits that foster a love for learning and make homeschooling a much more enjoyable experience.

Consider these ten reasons for changing to an alternative homeschool routine where learning never ends:

1. Avoid weeks of fall review. Let’s face it. Summer has a way of stealing brain cells, and previously taught concepts are easily forgotten. Instead of taking time to re-teach educational facts like multiplication tables, the parts of speech, and scientific formulas, you’ll be able to move forward faster with your child’s well-honed skills.

2. Concentrate on weak areas or learning gaps. If your child is struggling in a particular subject area, summer is a great time for remedial review. Individual practice lessons and additional assignments can improve learning comprehension while building your child’s confidence in his abilities.

3. Enhance strengths. Have a fast learner who wants more educational challenges? Homeschooling year round lets you stimulate mental processes with specialized summer lessons and field trips that take learning to the next level in his favorite subject.

4. Homeschool at your own pace. Year round homeschooling eliminates the pressure to rush through your curriculum in just nine months. After all, one of the greatest joys of homeschooling is providing your child with a customized learning experience. If something isn’t working, you have plenty of time to switch your homeschool curriculum and find something that does work.

 5. Enjoy indoor learning activities and hobbies. In many parts of the United States, summer months are simply too hot to go outside to play. Instead of suffering through the heat, these families can homeschool in air conditioned comfort during the summer and participate in outdoor adventures in the fall and winter.

6. Explore non-traditional courses of study. From jewelry making and water skiing to photography and horseback riding, summertime is a wonderful opportunity for you and your children to study fun-filled topics not usually found in your curriculum.

7. Get off-season rates. Beat the crowds, long lines, and hassles of the typical summer vacation spots. Homeschooling year round gives you the freedom to schedule your family’s trip to get the best deals and front-row service at many museums, theme parks, zoos, and campgrounds.

8. Eliminate the back-to-school battle.  A consistent, all-year homeschooling routine erases the need for transitioning your children back into study mode in the fall.  Instead of wasting time fighting negative attitudes and reinforcing study disciplines, homeschool parents can keep their children positive and ready to learn by teaching through the summer.

9. Allow more flexibility. Homeschooling throughout the year lets you make room for unexpected illnesses, visitors, and emergencies, as well as moments for God’s divine interruptions and special homeschooling surprises.  Plus, if you want to take off extra days for birthdays and holidays, it’s not a big deal to change your schedule.  Just pick up where you left off when it’s time to start homeschooling again.

10. Take advantage of curriculum discounts. Homeschooling year round helps parents avoid impulse purchases for homeschool resources. Instead, you have time to think, plan, and shop for homeschool materials when they are on sale at the best price.

Although it may seem like more work for you and torture to your children at first, learning year round is the best way to avoid homeschool burnout. So, why not try a new homeschooling routine? Make the most of your entire homeschool year and allow real life and your children’s interests to start dictating your homeschool calendar!


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