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Three Concerns Every Homeschooler Faces

As students transition into high school, homeschoolers face growing concerns regarding 1) more  difficult subject matter, 2) access to extracurricular activities, and 3) college admission requirements. One way to help meet the increasing demands of a high school curriculum is through the use of online virtual schools.

Opportunities For eLearning is a virtual high school that allows students to work at their own pace while maintaining a safe learning environment. This allows each student the necessary time to master course material in any given subject. With live tutoring sessions, OFeL’s highly qualified teachers and student advisors are dedicated to helping every student find the inspiration that pushes them to graduation.

To ensure that students benefit beyond a classroom setting, OFeL provides an experiential learning program to support social growth and provide a well-rounded high school experience. OFeL offers students access to field trips, camps, and volunteer opportunities. Not only do these experiences provide students with unique learning opportunities, they also look great on college applications.

As students progress through the program, they are provided resources to help them achieve their post-secondary education goals. OFeL’s program includes AP and dual-credit courses, SAT/ACT prep classes, and free college tours ensuring that every student who wants to be is college ready. OFeL is committed to providing its students with everything they need to be successful.

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