Now that the school year is winding down, it is a great chance to review the year’s lessons to see what has been absorbed and what needs to be brushed up on.  Students are plenty energetic this time of year, but are often restless for the summer to begin and keeping them engaged can be difficult.

That’s the inspiration behind why one former educator created a handy “kit” of fun table top Educational Games to work with any subject for students between Kindergarten and Grade 5.

The “Hungry Minds Study Games Box” was created by Kevin Munn, a former Child and Youth Worker (CYW).

“As an in-school CYW, I needed a fun way to engage students in their lessons, and I was not happy with the educational games on the market as they tended to provide lengthy material that focused on one specific subject,” Munn explained.  He noted, “I wanted something that was more relevant and versatile — something that would allow kids to review their day to day lessons and textbook material. So I made my own handy “kit” of  games that any subject could be plugged into easily, and on the spot.  It went over very well with students and produced positive results.”

” What is also great about these games is that they were effective with some of my more challenging students too. I was often supporting students that were very bright, but struggled with academics due to learning disabilities, difficulty paying attention, or difficult classroom behavior,” Munn shared. “These games worked so effectively and received such positive feedback, that I began the patent process and am now bringing a professional version to the market in time for the end of this school year,” he said.

The Study Games Box contains 4 unique and fun classroom-tested games on durable manufactured game pieces with professional artwork– all bundled up in a box with an “Island Adventure” theme.

The included games are designed to be paired with the day to day lessons and work books students use in school (whether they be home schooled, private schooled, or public schooled, and regardless of language).  This handy tool kit makes lesson and homework review fun.

The Study Games Box is available for pre-order this month to be delivered to your home in September. Follow this link to the portal:

Visit this portal and enter your email to receive a FREE printable version of Game 1, a video of the product being demonstrated by children, along with pictures and details of how the kit can help educators and parents review lessons and homework with students.  Those that visit the portal will also receive an email invite on June 15th to be one of the first 100 to order the Study Games Box for the at-cost price!


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