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Preparing for College with A-G

As students progress into their high school education, a big challenge that comes up is making sure they are eligible for college acceptance to four year universities. With the absence of counselors and other advisors, it is up to the teachers or parents alone to work out the many different requirements.

For students considering University of California (UC) or Cal State University (CSU) schools, understanding the “A-G” curriculum is essential. UC and CSU schools require high school students complete a certain set of classes throughout their time in high school to be accepted. Each letter represents a different subject and a certain number of years required for each.

A: History/Social Science – 2 years

B: English – 4 years

C: Mathematics – 3 years, UC recommends 4

D: Laboratory Science – 2 years, UC recommends 3

E: Language Other than English – 2 years, UC recommends 3

F: Visual/Performing Arts – 1 year

G: College Preparatory Elective – 1 year

The goal of A-G courses is to provide a well-rounded curriculum that will ensure students have attained knowledge that will effectively prepare them for college learning. As you can see in the number of years provided for each subject area, English and Math play the largest part in fulfilling the A-G curriculum. For students, that means making sure they are keeping track of what classes they are taking beginning their first year of high school.

Opportunities For eLearning Public Charter School offers California students the opportunity to fulfill these requirements in a high school experience that combines traditional expectations with the benefits of a virtual classroom. Visit for more information on our course offerings.



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