Promote Educational Success with Summer Courses


Summer is known for being the time of year that children and teens look forward to. It’s perfect for traveling, working, volunteering, and simply relaxing with family and friends while enjoying the warm weather. However, research shows that when students don’t participate in academically enriching activities for months at a time, they may display a decline in the skills they previously learned. Taking a summer course is a great opportunity for students to stay engaged in their education and spring ahead in a subject area for the upcoming school year.

Due to the accelerated nature of summer courses, students must use well-developed time management skills. When students take a summer course, they are encouraged to create a weekly schedule that includes time to work on assignments within the framework of other activities and obligations. Students will be the most successful if they map out a plan for when they will complete their coursework, gain the support of their family, and stay in frequent contact with their teachers.

Summer courses at Laurel Springs are designed as accelerated versions of semester-length and full-year courses. Since Laurel Springs’ courses are asynchronous, students can arrange their coursework around their summer activities. Their Learning Management System automatically sets an end-date for students’ assignments and provides a schedule for on-time completion. Faculty and staff are available during the summer months to help students stay on track with their courses by providing time management advice and strategies. It is imperative that students communicate regularly with teachers to receive helpful feedback and remain on pace with course assignments.

Laurel Springs recognizes that many families take advantage of the flexibility that summer offers, and their summer course schedule is no different. They offer 11 start dates for our semester-length summer courses and 7 start dates for our year-long summer courses. These start dates range from May-July, depending on the course length. In the summer program, students and families have the opportunity to choose start dates that will accommodate their summer schedule.

Consider enrolling your child in a Laurel Springs summer course to continue enrichment throughout the summer and keep them on track for the fall. To learn more about Laurel Springs’ flexible summer program offerings and their available start dates, view their summer course catalog or contact our Admissions Department at 800-377-5890.

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