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BoomWriter’s easy to use and interactive group-writing tools are an ideal fit for homeschool co-ops and let students develop and enhance their writing, reading, vocabulary, and peer assessment skills—collaboratively! BoomWriter’s award-winning tools are perfect for homeschoolers ages 6-18 and can be used with a variety of curricula including Social Studies/History, Science, ELA, and more.

Out of the three group-writing tools, StoryWriter and ProjectWriter especially let students showcase their writing skills, while demonstrating their knowledge of key aspects of literature and nonfiction topics, respectively.

Both StoryWriter and ProjectWriter function on BoomWriter’s signature collaborative reading, writing, and voting platform. Students are either provided with first part of a story/prompt for StoryWriter, or a general directive for ProjectWriter, and after reading this first part, each student writes his or her individual entry in response to the text. Students then submit their work for your review and approval. You can assess each entry and choose to approve or request revisions, as well as provide individualized feedback, before initiating the voting portion of the process.

Students will then review up to four random, anonymous submissions of their peers at a time and cast a vote for what they believe is the best version. Students may also have the opportunity to cast more than one vote, depending on the number of entries. The winning submission becomes the next part of the piece, and the process continues until the project is finished. For completed StoryWriter activities, BoomWriter converts the piece into a published book that can be purchased from the BoomWriter Bookstore.

Throughout the entire process of writing, submitting, peer assessing, voting, and completing the projects, students will accrue Boomer Bucks allowing them to customize and/or purchase virtual goods for their personal Boomer Avatar. This gamification of the program is sure increase participation and interest levels, while instilling a love of writing and understanding of important lesson goals. Both StoryWriter and ProjectWriter need just 5 participating students for the fun to begin—ideal for co-ops or any other home-based learning groups.

Using StoryWriter, your homeschoolers will develop their understanding of key literary elements, such as plot, character development, structure, and voice, through their own writing. StoryWriter lets you conduct engaging group story-writing activities that, when finished, become a real published book, with every student’s name included as a participating author! A wonderful memento that your child helped create and will treasure forever! StoryWriter is ideal for teaching creative writing, personal narratives, literature studies, and even poetry.

ProjectWriter lets homeschoolers demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and terms being taught through nonfiction writing. Ideal for dissecting whole units of study into smaller sections, ProjectWriter can be used for various subjects like Science, History/Social Studies, and ELA. Have your homeschoolers write up science experiments, conduct research papers, and even create a unit specific textbook easily and collaboratively on ProjectWriter! Best of all, ProjectWriter features a vocabulary tool built right in. Include one or more key terms, dates, people, or important words to know, and when your homeschooler types the requested vocabulary will then be highlighted in their piece as well as checked off their Word Bank!

Both StoryWriter and ProjectWriter provide immersive and personalized learning experiences for students, while allowing you to assess the levels of understanding taking place on both an individual and whole group basis. Ready to start collaborating in the co-op? Join for free today! BoomWriter’s group-writing tools are sure to increase your child’s engagement levels and understanding around key areas of study while instilling a confidence and love of writing!

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BoomWriter Media is redefining what it means to tell stories, through its two collaborative writing platforms: award-winning BoomWriter, for education, and newly launched Skrawl, a fanfiction-focus writing service for everyone. BoomWriter Media’s unique approach enables writers, in all areas of life, to collaborate and compete for pieces of stories. Readers can follow projects as they progress and watch competitions happen in real-time. Through the two writing solutions, BoomWriter Media has been used in over 60 countries, had over 2,000 titles published in 2014, and has a presence in over 20,000 classrooms. For more information, please visit


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