Do You Fear Fear?

14 July 4:00 am
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This is a guest blog post written by H.D. Anyone

I think that sometimes we never try because of fear.  But where did we get the idea that failing or falling is bad?  When the baby learns to walk or the child to ride a bike…if they were too afraid, then what?  So….what is it that you most fear?  Public Speaking?  Failures in your spiritual walk?  A health resolution? A challenge of some sort?  A change?

You have to fall and you have to fail at anything worthwhile to learn and earn balance.

The only thing you should be afraid of is fearing fear.  If you welcome fear as a signal, then you recognize fear is pointing to something important.  Fear will give you energy.  Fear will tell you that it is because you care, you fear.  But it is that very fear that is your flag SHOUTING this thing that unsettles you is the very thing you must face.  If you sense fear, be thankful.  It is pointing out something important.  Something you must confront.  Something that if it defeats you a few times, you will garner the ability to conquer.  What that conquering will look like, only you will discover.  But it is confrontation that brings transformation.

In the trilogy,”The Parables of Ancient Earth,” the Pangeans have a saying:  “You can’t fashion iron with feathers.”

Well…you simply, cannot.


About the author – H.D. Anyone is an Insurance Claims Manager by day and a lifelong lover of literature.  She began writing novels in her closet at the age of 9 and continued on to study English Literature in College.  Her recent release is book one in the fantasy fiction trilogy, The Parables of Ancient Earth.  Incidentally, she is also a lover of cats.

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