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13 July 4:00 am
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3 ways to incorporate Learning Activities in homeschool lessons

By Setria James, Doodles Ave

Remember back to school days when your teacher would give a lesson and assign a lab activity or a project to the class? Me too…and I always looked forward to working on them! Though the actives were fun, they were also educational.

It was those very assignments that drove home the lessons found in our textbooks.

As homeschool parents, you have the opportunity to find fun activities and assignments that support your daily lessons. Below is a list of ideas that can be used to help reinforce lessons learned and keep your child engaged.

1. Incorporate Real Life — People, household items, and everyday scenarios

When teaching all subjects the incorporation of real life is helpful, but it’s particularly useful when explaining mathematic concepts. Imagine turning your meals and car rides into learning experiences. Sounds awesome, right? One of the best places to incorporate math is in a grocery store. When shopping there are countless opportunities to integrate mathematics: counting of products, adding up prices, calculating discounts, and even budgeting. Next time you are at the grocery store, try to discover new ways to challenge your children.

2. Implement Interaction — Games and outdoors

Kids love getting up, moving around, and getting involved. When creating lesson plans, look for occasions to incorporate interactive activities. For example if you are teaching something as basic as colors and shapes consider playing the search and discovery game.

Things you’ll need: note cards, crayons, or colored pencils

Directions: Write or illustrate the color or shape on the note card, then have your child locate the shapes and colors around the house or outside.

I promise this never gets old.

3. Integrate Creativity — Arts and crafts
People have a natural affinity for art. With this affinity, homeschool parents have an amazing opportunity to use this innate interest to enhance their children’s learning experience. Getting creative can consist of experimenting with paints, pastels, clay, and other mediums or even something as simple as crayons to illustrate the lessons.

Creating or coloring related images and diagrams while learning is a great way to enforce assignments.

Click here to download free educational coloring pages.



About the Author

Setria James was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University, where she earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Masters of Art. During her graduate studies, Setria explored the effects of imagery on children and their development. It was this research that brought her to “Doodles Ave”; A place where teachers and parents can go to locate coloring related learning resources.

Since graduation, she has worked as an in-house senior graphic designer, while also exploring her creative voice through drawing, writing, and painting. Setria is extremely active in her community; as a board member of a grass roots DFW non-profit organization, she spends much of her time giving back to less fortunate families. Her life’s goal is to positively affect change in her community through cultivating her own artistic expression as well as assisting others in finding their creative voice.


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