Homeschooling? Me?!

22 July 4:00 am
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Homeschooling? Me?! Never in a million years did I see myself homeschooling my child! A little background for you… I was homeschooled from 2nd through 12th. My mom began homeschooling me the fall of 1987, pretty much just as it became legal in the state of Texas. She was a pioneer, searching high and low for curriculum. She kept us in the house because she was afraid neighbors would call CPS or the police! I didn’t always like homeschooling (especially in high school,) and it wasn’t until college that I saw what a true benefit it had been for me. I never planned on homeschooling our kids, I always thought I would just send them to public school. It wasn’t until about two years ago, when I was starting to contemplate sending my son to kindergarten, that I began to rethink my position on teaching him at home. Luckily, homeschooling is MUCH more common today and there are many options available to homeschool parents: lots of curriculum, conventions, homeschool co-ops and more!

We live in an award winning school district, so when I tell people I going homeschool they tend to look at me like I am crazy. However, there are many reasons I have made this decision, and I will unpack those in upcoming posts, but the most important one in my book is that I know it’s what is best for my kid.

All schools have their own lists of positives and negatives, but I am looking forward to the freedom that homeschooling will allow us. We can travel when we want, we can go to Disney in October when NO ONE is there. Or, we can begin school the first of August (when it’s still hot as hades here) and then take some time off in the fall when the weather finally gets nice! I look forward to sharing my homeschool adventure with you this year.
– Meredith

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