Technology in a Changing Learning Environment

This is a guest blog post from Opportunities For eLearning 


We are in the middle of a digital revolution bringing about large changes in education. The number of online tools currently available to homeschoolers is staggering. Many believe such tools are useful, but the rapid pace with which technology is changing has led to growing concerns, especially in regards to overall cost and complicated implementation processes.

Recently, online virtual schools have shouldered much of the burden incorporating technology into every day lessons for convenience and efficiency.

Here are some of the new ways online schools are utilizing technology to teach homeschoolers:

  1. Live-Tutoring:

Tutors are just a click away for support with difficult assignments, available for one-on-one discussions about daily lessons, homework assignments, and college/career planning.

  1. Message Boards:

As part of an online curriculum, students can interact with their classmates through message boards to discuss various topics. This gives students the opportunity to engage with their peers, while maintaining a safe working atmosphere.

  1. Data-Driven Instruction:

Teachers can now study student achievement patterns to determine what teaching methods are most effective. This allows virtual schools to thoroughly review curriculum and make necessary adjustments to ensure students are receiving the highest quality education possible.

  1. Archived Lessons:

Class sessions are recorded and archived to allow students to review difficult lessons as many times as necessary. This allows every student the opportunity to spend sufficient time on challenging or especially interesting subjects.

  1. Interactive Games:

Online curriculum incorporates game simulations to help motivate students to reach academic goals. Interactive games encourage engagement and competitiveness among students, helping them think critically about subject matter and retain valuable knowledge.

Opportunities For eLearning (OFeL) is an online school that works to ensure students are receiving the highest level of education possible by utilizing the latest and greatest technology. OFeL can fully satisfy the expanding needs of a 21st century learner!


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