Problem Solved! offers online, real-time collaborative classes which focus on the teaching and learning of mathematics.

With Problem Solved! classes, you as the teacher learn how to guide your child as s/he constructs his/her own knowledge and discovers that there are different strategies to solve math problems. You explore how asking questions can help support your child in developing a deep understanding of the concepts. In fact, there is a session that teaches parents how to adapt a typical textbook math question into an open-ended problem that facilitates learning. This type of teaching and learning has been proven to be much more effective than the typical memorization of procedures and formulas. It’s certainly more fun and engaging!

Problem Solved! offers many different classes, and they are adding new classes all the time. There are even group sessions for homeschoolers to ask questions related to teaching and learning, and parents can request classes as well. The classes are an hour long, usually in the evenings, but they can be modified to adapt to your schedule. The classes can be taken with a smart phone, tablet or a PC. If you take the classes on a PC, you have the option of using the whiteboard along with the instructor. Headphones are required in order to produce a crystal clear audio for all participants. For $20, you can have access to all of the classes for 4 months! That’s certainly affordable!

The classes are especially helpful for homeschool parents that are frustrated with their current math instruction. The owner of the site has been a public school teacher and administrator, and he and his wife have homeschooled their children for many years. He understands the difficulties in teaching math in today’s rapidly changing technology…and he understands and supports homeschooling parents. Really, you get the best of both worlds – his knowledge from years in the classroom (behavioral research and years of classroom-tested strategies)…as well as his knowledge of home education.

If you’re looking for better ways to support your children is math, Problem Solved! might be the answer!

Problem Solved! Empower & make CONFIDENT!

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