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16 July 4:00 am
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TriumphLearning Homeschool Product Review

TriumphLearning Homeschool offers educational materials for children in grades K-12, covering English Language Arts and Mathematics. Their resources can act as a supplement to daily lesson plans to reinforce homeschool instruction, or function as the main instructional vehicle throughout the homeschool year.

TriumphLearning Homeschool offers MANY educational options. I reviewed their Kidstart activity book and teacher’s manual. Kidstart provides kindergarten instruction with age-appropriate skill-based activities. In particular, Kidstart offers:

  • An Activity Book which includes blended activities that incorporate language, vocabulary and math. The Activity Book also includes a Picture Dictionary, perforated number and letter cards, grasshopper and ladybug character cards, and a storage envelope.
  • A Teacher Edition which includes instruction that supports the activity-based lessons.
  • A free and reproducible download, Kidstart Home-School Connection for additional practice.

If you’d like to see what a Kidstart lesson looks like, you can download a sample lesson here.

I enjoyed the Kidstart materials. I especially liked:

  • the general look and feel of the books. I like the laminated cover and the attractive, colorful pages. I can see a Kindergartener loving their activity book – and being very proud of their first ever “big kid” homeschool book.
  • the coordination within a lesson between math and English. Everything flows well and makes sense.
  • the skills-based practice pages. These pages require children to write letters and numbers, and a variety of responses are required in both math and literacy, including matching, sorting, completing words, sentences, or number equations, drawing and writing. A little of everything!
  • the use of manipulatives. Many activities involve manipulatives so that young children use both visual and kinesthetic modalities in the learning process. I love manipulatives!
  • the Little Books. Some activities allow students to create their own Little Books based on the concepts of the lesson. These Little Books give children an opportunity to “own” and share their work. Again, I can image a kindergartener being proud of their Little Books.
  • the Teacher’s Manual. It is very thorough. I first looked at the student manual by itself. When coupled with the Teacher’s Manual, I easily understood how to conduct a lesson, and how to get the most out of the materials.
  • The price. The product is very affordable – $12.99 for a student workbook and $29.99 for a teacher’s manual. Plus, there is a special package price for homeschoolers. You can purchase both books for just $34.99. I sure appreciate affordable!

After using Kidstart, I look forward to using other TriumphLearning Homeschool products. These include Number Pals (K-2), Best Practices in Reading (grades 1-5), Support Coach (grades 3-5, and a Teacher’s Choice Award winner), and Just Right Reading (K). Selection – another thing I appreciate!

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