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Don’t Give Up on Homeschooling – a guest blog post from Alpha Omega Publications


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If you’re on the verge of throwing in the towel on homeschooling, if you’re pulling your hair out trying to teach a tough subject, or your heart just isn’t in it any more, don’t give up just yet.

Think back to why you decided to homeschool. Were you excited to choose what your child would study and witness him or her making the connections? Was it freeing to be able to teach from the Bible and set your own schedule? Were you happy to have your child home with you, rather than surrendering those precious hours to a school system with different priorities?

Even if homeschooling has you bummed or burned out, those feelings and reasons that sparked your decision are still burning inside of you. Don’t give up just yet.

If you need some breathing room, try scheduling your off days so they fall more frequently, rather than taking them in chunks at the end of semesters or summers. If you’re consistently falling short of what you hope to accomplish, adjust your expectations.

If the burden of trying to reach and teach your kids has taken over, consider distance learning through an online homeschooling academy. Students can enroll part-time, full-time, or one class at a time.

Best of all, you’re still homeschooling. You didn’t give up.


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