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13 August 4:00 am
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Kirkwood Education Online offers much more than academic curriculum. Upon enrollment, parents are provided tools to accurately assess their student’s placement level. Every curriculum concept is first taught and demonstrated by a state-of-the-art cloud-based interactive computer lesson and instructional video. Students then complete practice and review exercises and enter their answers on the computer.

Throughout the program, children are systematically guided through seven stages of character development. These character development continuums are defined as:

  • Investment of Energy
  • Value Development
  • Goal-Setting Behavior
  • Self-Esteem
  • Responsibility
  • Independency
  • Spiritual Growth and Development

Academic achievement accelerates as students learn to take responsibility for their own education. Self-esteem building exercises promote spiritual growth, interpersonal skills, and strong work ethic. Daily discipleship lessons encourage students to store the truth of God’s Word in their minds and hearts.

Students earn weekly award certificates that highlight academic progress. These printable certificates can be presented to the student, affording an excellent opportunity for praise and validation. The most powerful positive affective experiences occur when a student has invested energy into reaching an objective, and that accomplishment is then recognized and validated.

Parental involvement is the single most critical factor in a child’s academic success.

Kirkwood Education Online facilitates this crucial involvement with their Time with my Teacher component. This one-on-one time affords parents the opportunity to ensure their child has complete mastery of each curriculum component before moving on to the next. Parents are provided tools to target areas where mastery is not evident, so that they may work with the child. Time with my Teacher results are recorded to show each child’s achievement and progress over time.

Maintaining accurate records is one of the most daunting tasks for homeschool parents. Kirkwood Education Online effortlessly maintains accurate records and provides parents an at-a-glance overview of their child’s academic progress in real time.

The homeschool program is available on a monthly subscription, and includes ongoing support and monitoring. Their support staff is available to answer your questions and to provide guidance through our online communication portal, by telephone, and by email.

With over 40 years continuous research and development, Kirkwood Education Online has a proven track record of fostering strong Christian character growth and high academic achievement. Kirkwood Education Online is committed to providing homeschool families with a system of education that will truly enable every child to develop as much of their God-given potential as possible.


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Janet is dedicated to upholding a high standard of excellence in Christ-centered education. She is passionate about homeschooling and empowering the next generation to develop their full potential.

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