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PetraLingua® Foreign Language Courses for Kids

PetraLingua® foreign language courses for children offer a fun and efficient way to teach basic Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Russian vocabulary to your child.

The courses are available online and in complete langauage learning sets with DVDs, CDs and activity books.

Suitable for children 6 – 10, for families and schools.

Why Should You Include a Foreign Language Curriculum in Your Homeschool Program?

Multilingualism has been linked to a variety of positive cognitive benefits, including early reading, better listening perception, improved problem-solving skills, and higher scores on school tests.

Also, starting to learn a new language early will make it much easier to later learn a third or even fourth language, since the child is able to understand how the functions and structures of a language are organized in general.

The longer a person is in contact with a new language, the higher levels of proficiencies in that language they can develop, so it is highly recommended for children to start learning a new language at an early age. Parents whant want to give their child a head-start by teaching a second language, should start as early as they can.

However, the key advantage to learning languages early results from children’s natural sense of curiosity.  It motivates them to learn a new language without any effort, by exploring, just like they do in their first language.

Learning languages should be fun. When presented in an interesting and attractive way, it is an enjoyable learning activity.  And because a child’s first learning successes are often achieved with little or no noticeable effort, this builds the child’s self-confidence and their desire to learn continues.

Planning your language learning activities with PetraLingua®

PetraLingua® offers all you need for a beginners language course. The program is based on an early language curriculum with 2-3 learning sessions per week. We want to encourage this kind of step-by-step learning to ensure vocabulary retention.

With the clear PetraLingua® curriculum structure, you’ll find it very easy to plan your language lessons. Just follow the course progression – it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1)     introduce new vocabulary with PetraLingua® videos and songs

Petralingua® language courses teach the kids the basics of a new language through common everyday situations. This way, you expose children to a foreign language by reinforcing a lot of the vocabulary and phrases you probably use with them everyday.

In each lesson new vocabulary is introduced through an introductory video sequence.

A large number of lessons include language learning songs composed to repeat and practice the vocabulary from the lesson.

2)     use interactive exercises to repeat the new words

Each lesson ends with a set of various interactive online games, designed to practice the words that have been introduced in the lesson and expand the vocabulary.

3)     continue practicing with the activity book and flashcards

The activity book includes all the topics covered by the PetraLingua® language course and gives your children a great opportunity to practice their reading and writing skills. Furthermore, to focus on their listening skills as well, the activity book includes a large number of listening exercises.

Glad to help with lesson plans!

The PetraLingua® Team has been creating and developing multimedia language learning materials for children for the last 15 years. The PetraLingua® Project has been created in cooperation with hundreds of institutions, experts, children and parents from all over the world.



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