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24 August 4:00 am
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This is a guest blog post by Problem Solved! Did you know that Problem Solved! was chosen by readers as a Top Back to Homeschool Resource?  You can find the awards here, and sample their product here. Interested in’s Back to Homeschool e-magazine?  Then just click here!


Learning Problem or Teaching Problem

Does your child struggle in math? You are not alone. It is also pretty safe to say the struggle is not a learning problem. It is likely a teaching problem. In America, it is extremely common for teachers (and parents) to teach in a way that addresses only one learning style, usually auditory. The problem is, only 34% of us learn that way. What about the other 66%?

We can’t blame educators for getting up in front of their students and “showing” students how to perform a procedure, like 45 + 39. After all, they learned that way when they were in school. We teach how we were taught, usually.

In order to support ALL students and create equity, teachers/parents need to facilitate lessons that address all learners. They need to make the math meaningful, where students make connections. Math is a story where connections can be made within concepts and across concepts. Math is not a series of unrelated procedures. But, it is still taught that way. 

Problem Solved! online sessions are designed to provide your child with deep conceptual understanding. Problem Solved! facilitates instruction that gives students the opportunity to construct their own strategies, and then make meaningful connections.  

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