Beginner’s Homeschooling Steps

1 September 4:00 am
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Beginner’s Homeschooling Steps – Considering Homeschooling? Take the 5 Step Challenge!

This is a guest blog post written by Carreen Schroeder

If You Are Considering Homeschooling Your Children, Take The 5-Step Challenge!

Step One:


Make a very comprehensive list ofwhy you wish to homeschool your children. Don’t sugar coat it. Be truly honest with yourself and your family, no holds back. Now step back and read your list over and over again. If, after you have sincerely dissected the reasons behind your decision, you are more determined than ever to begin homeschooling, then roll up your sleeves because you are ready for Step Two!

Step Two:


I hear people all the time confess that they are nervous and worried, fearing they do not have the skills to homeschool. Like anything else, homeschooling is often an entirely new world for parents and often, when we are confronted with something new, we panic, or feel intimidated.

If you are passionate about parenting, then you most definitely will succeed in the homeschooling community! My best advice is to jump in with both feet, take the plunge and within no time at all you will realize how capable you truly are at meeting and exceeding your and your children’s expectations!

Step Three:


Let’s face it – children are our teachers on so many levels. If we attune our senses to that of our children’s, we will come to learn all we need to know through this unique relationship. For the most part, traditional classroom education already provides the plan and the structure. There is no more time or space left for the children to express their interests. They simply learn what they are told to learn and must learn it, in the manner that is provided for them.

In an open-minded homeschool setting, something amazing happens: The once programmed child, awaiting to be told what to do and how to do it, suddenly awakens!

When children realize that we value their input, the real magic begins. They suddenly switch gears and begin to express their interests, their desires, their dreams and aspirations. THIS becomes the basis, the foundation for your curriculum.

Believe in your children and watch how your world unfolds right before your very eyes!

Step Four:


You are now well on your way to a successful and fulfilling homeschooling lifestyle! Before you get too far along however, you will need to know the homeschooling legal rights and responsibilities in your state. You will also need to connect with your school district to begin the necessary paperwork (if required) but don’t get overwhelmed!  There is a lot of information on the internet.  You’ll find samples of Letter of Intents, Individualized Home Instruction Plans and Quarterly Reports, coupled with the fact that you now BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, you will be more than capable of managing all the necessary homeschooling paperwork!  And your local homeschooling community can definitely help you!

Step Five:


Now that you believe in yourself and in your family and your paperwork is in order, it is time to see what the homeschooling world has to offer! Start an internet search of your local area and within no time at all, you will find homeschooling support groups all around you. With a little research, you will find a homeschooling group that shares many of your and your family’s interests – Science and Nature, Swim and Gym programs, Art, French, Spanish, Math – the list literally goes on and on. You will find yourself having to turn some events down as there is so much from which to choose!

Carreen Schroeder of New York Adventures in Homeschooling, has been a certified teacher in Ontario and in New York State since 1999, holding an Ms.Ed in Elementary Education, a B.A. in French Language and Literature and a Specialist in Special Education. She has been homeschooling her youngest of three daughters since 2012 and is passionate about assisting homeschooling families with free resources and homeschooling services. Visit Carreen at:


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