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18 September 4:00 am
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Whenever Professor John Suchocki is asked, “what do you teach?” his immediate reply is “Students!”

Professor Suchocki (pronounced Su-hock’ee) first began developing distance education videos for chemistry and physical science nearly 20 years ago at Leeward Community College in Hawaii. He has a passion for helping students learn not the facts of science, but rather the excitement of discoveries made through science. The universe for what it is, not for what we might wish it to be, is more astounding and profound than we could possibly imagine. Science, John believes, is a tool that helps us toward this realization, which in turn can lead to creative solutions to the many challenges we currently face.

Professor Suchocki has worked tireless to bring together interesting and vital information into his courses and textbooks, but he doesn’t stop there! For John, learning is a two step process. The first step introduces the student to new ideas through reading textbooks and listening to lectures. In the second step, the student works to articulate and apply the new ideas he/she has learned.

Most students are pretty good at working through the first step. It is, after all, what they spend most of their learning time engaged with, and requires less effort than the second step. What students might not know, is that where learning is easy, so is forgetting.

This is why Professor Suchocki places emphasis on the second step. It’s the effort that students expend as they try to articulate and apply new ideas that makes the learning durable. Professor Suchocki describes this in much more detail in his article on “How to Study Effectively” (

It is this deep passion for helping students become responsible citizens and strong thinkers that inspired Professor Suchocki to create Conceptual Academy, which is imbued with his teaching philosophies in every corner. Conceptual Academy was created to change the way students are taught in our education system, moving toward a profound shift toward a greater recognition of the essential role of step two where students are responsible for their own active engagement with the curriculum and their peers, under the expert guidance of the course instructor. Conceptual Academy is designed to make this happen. Conceptual Academy’s Chemistry self-study course was reviewed by Cathy Duffy, known for her rigorous assessments of homeschool curricula. Read the review here:


John Suchocki, Ph.D.

Author, Conceptual Chemistry,

Conceptual Physical Science, et. al.

Adjunct Professor Chemistry & Physics

Saint Michael’s College

(802) 985-9987

[email protected]


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