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4 September 4:00 am
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College! The thought can be daunting no matter how far or close it is in your homeschool future.

  • Is your child ready?
  • How are you going to create a high school transcript?
  • Does your transcript contain all the grades and course work from the past four years?

Take a breath and send your worries away. can help you create a complete and professional transcript quickly and easily. Colleges want a transcript that is easy to read, understand, and informs them about the academic success of your student. Burdening colleges with too many papers in an unorganized fashion will not give your student the consideration that they deserve.

Colleges want to see your GPA, courses, and activities from high school so they can see that you are adequately prepared for college courses. Scholarships and colleges will want to know your student’s GPA even if they are homeschooled. Keeping good records and having a My School Year transcript will make college and scholarship applications so much easier, and you can rest assuredknowing that your child’s high school work is organizedand readily available. Using My School Year helps your student get where they want to go! will help you on your transcript journey. Keeping your records organized and online gives you peace of mind, ease of use, and secure, worldwide accessibility. It allows you to easily input grades, develop course descriptions, track standardized testing, auto-grade your assignments, and so much more. You know what your student can do, and now it’s time to show the world! With My School Year, you can easily create, adjust, and complete a professional transcript in minutes and save yourself a headache. With a lifetime price lock guarantee for annual memberships, toll free number for members, and fast email support, you can easily create your professional-looking high school transcript today.

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