Global Oneness Project

14 September 9:51 am
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Global Oneness Project is an educational resource for homeschool educators which offers free multicultural stories and lesson plans for middle and high school age students. Their award-winning collection of multimedia materials are free. You can explore their website   as well as this booklet to learn more.

Plus, here are some free lesson plans –


Ancient and Modern Worlds

In this lesson, students watch a film about the Gamo people of the Ethiopian Rift Valley and explore how their ancient worldview raises questions about our modern way of life.
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Practicing Empathy

In this lesson, students watch a film about a unique high school physics teacher’s perspective on life and explore the themes of social and emotional learning and empathy.
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Passionate Pursuits

In this lesson, students view photos of craftspeople, learn about the Maker and Reskilling Movements and discuss the alternatives to mass production.
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