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22 September 4:00 am
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Choosing homeschool curriculum can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of companies with hundreds of thousands of resources to choose from. In the early years of homeschooling, families had no choice but to use textbooks and workbooks. With advances in technology, over92% of homeschooling families use online learning to provide a cutting edge education for today’s homeschooler.

The internet has made it possible to learn anything anywhere. Online learning opens up newdoors for homeschoolers who are interested in receiving a top notch education in the comfortof their own homes.

Top 10 Benefits of Online Homeschooling:

  1. Online homeschooling is the perfect fit for different learning styles. Every child is unique and a flexible online homeschool program takes that into consideration as courses are developed. Online curriculum allows the student to tailor their educational experience according to their individual needs.
  1. Online curriculum are available to students 24/7. Some students learn better in the morning,others have activities that prevent them from following traditional school schedules. Online courses are self-paced, and the student can learn or review at a time that suits their particular schedule. For families that travel, online schooling is perfect as the student can take school work with them and cross time zones without missing a lesson.
  1. Online homeschooling can be engaging and interactive. Students benefit from discussion boards and chat rooms where they can discuss material and even get extra assistance if needed. Online instructors are more easily accessible than traditional classroom teachers. This works exceptionally well for the student who has scheduling conflicts with regular school hours.
  1. Online learning can provide students a sense of equality. Every student is treated equally. Students can interact without the fear of being judged on physical limitations or issues.
  1. Online homeschooling curriculum can be rich with multimedia content. Online courses can supplemented with online resources and videos that may be of interest to the student and enhance the educational experience. Technology has literally changed the way children learn,and online learning works supports these changes to make course material come alive for your student.
  1. Online homeschooling provides accurate real time assessments of your student’s progress.This helps parents to accurately assess their child’s progress and make any changes necessary in study habits or time spent on schooling. Pinpointing issues as they become apparent helps the student to be aware of any difficulties before they become major issues.
  1. Today’s students have many options for college, and online schooling is becoming a popular way for students to save money while continuing their educations. Online learning during the earlier years prepares students for this option, and gives them the confidence and self-discipline needed to complete college courses online.
  1. Online homeschooling gives the student a sense of independence and accomplishment as they navigate courses as opposed to parent led education or traditional classroom study. The self-discipline and ability to work independently will carry students from their college years into the workforce.
  1. Online homeschooling offers students a cutting edge accredited education that helps them to prepare for today’s challenging world. As technology changes, parents can rest assured that online learning evolves to incorporate the latest in excellence in education.
  1. Online homeschooling offers the best of both worlds. Your students get a fully customized program designed to fit their needs that they can use at their own pace on any device. Your students also get the safety and comfort of learning in their own homes. Your students also get1:1 unlimited assistance from qualified teachers whenever they need it.

With this many outstanding benefits, it is no wonder that 92% of all homeschoolers are using some form of online homeschooling.


Mimi Rothschild is a co-founder of and, two online homeschooling academies serving homeschoolers in 50 states and 20 countries since 2002Mimi began homeschooling her 8 children in the early 1980s and developed online homeschooling programs out of her own need for help in giving her children the best homeschooling experience possible.

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