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21 September 4:00 am
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TutorMing Chinese Learning Case Study: Rios Family

A few months ago, TutorMing sponsored a raffle here on We gave away a 3-month Chinese program, and the Rios family was the lucky winner. After taking a few classes, they decided to purchase TutorMing packages for both of their children, so they could continue learning Chinese.

It makes sense for the Rios family to continue studying Chinese. In a blog post about Why Learning Chinese is the Next Big Thing, we’ve outlined the practical benefits of learning Chinese. It could help future-proof your children, or even offer them job security later in their lives.

We asked Ms. Rios why she thought learning Chinese was important for her children, and she responded, “with China entering the global market, Chinese [will be] a great language to know.” Especially since nearly 20% of the world’s population already speaks the language, Chinese is becoming a ubiquitous skill.

Ms. Rios affirmed this further when we asked her what goals she had for her children. She responded, “I would like my children to be able to speak fluent Chinese.” Her children are currently taking weekly lessons with TutorMing and are on the fast track to achieving Chinese fluency. The quickest way to pick up a new language is to practice as often as possible. Some avid language-learners even move to a new country just so they can immerse themselves in the language. However, for those who do not have the means to travel there, or are unwilling to uproot their family, e-learning is one of the best ways to learn a language.

When asked what benefits come from e-learning with TutorMing, Ms. Rios responded, ”It allows us to select a time that works best for our schedule.” For busy parents that don’t have time to drive their children to a Chinese school, or supervise an in-person tutoring session, learning Chinese via the Internet is a safe and convenient option.

When we asked Ms. Rios how TutorMing integrates with her kids’ other curriculum, she responded: “My children are currently taking Chinese in a classroom setting, but only learning vocabulary words.  TutorMing [helps them] learn how to converse with those vocabulary words that they have learned.” At TutorMing, we have thousands of lessons. All of our lessons present vocabulary in a situational context, so students will not only learn new words but also how to use them.

We’ve emphasized the importance of live interaction in the past, especially when the student is learning Chinese. Since Chinese is such a tonal language, speaking practice is exceptionally vital. Recorded videos and audio may be useful for developing listening skills, but are not effective when it comes to speech. The only way to improve Chinese pronunciation is with an experienced, Chinese teacher, who can help correct the students’ tone and accent. Children also have an advantage over adults when it comes to learning Chinese: evidence shows that children who learn from a younger age are less likely to speak Chinese with an accent.

Young students learn quickly and efficiently with TutorMing’s method. The intuitive system tracks their progress and assigns classes based on their skill level and age. Many of our Chinese tutors have a certification for Teaching Chinese to Young Learners (TCYL.) TutorMing also provides several free Chinese-learning tools, so students can supplement their learning.

As mentioned, her children are making rapid progress with their TutorMing classes. Ms. Rios observes, “My children have been able to quickly learn to make simple conversation [in Chinese] in a very short period of time.”

We’ve so happy that the Rios family decided to continue their Chinese learning adventure with us! If you would like to discover how TutorMing can help your children learn Chinese, you can sign up here.

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