You Know You’re a Homeschooler When …

What are the defining characteristics of homeschoolers? Read the real and often hilarious accounts of what makes homeschooling so unique from a poll gathered by Alpha Omega Publications.


You Know You’re a Homeschooler When…

“You realize you’ve been wearing your jammies all day and you’re okay with it.” – Rebecca Emter

“When a complete stranger walks up to you and asks you if you homeschool. Then informs you that they just knew it because all homeschool families have the homeschool walk.” – Rachel Sowell

“Someone asks your child, ‘What grade are you in?’ and your child stares at them with a blank look.” – Jennifer Gallegos

“You can take family vacations in the off-season while all the other kids are in school, getting the rock bottom rates and avoiding all the crowds.” – Lisa Dawn Chandler

“When your kid looks forward to math for the first time because he finally understands it after years of public school.” – Melissa Marchman

“You cancel school work because the day is so beautiful, and there is always the weekend to make up for it!” – Debbie Adey

“When you hear ‘Why aren’t you in school?’ every other day.” – Amy Harper

“The doctor asks them if they like their teacher this year, and they get that sheepish grin on their face, knowing that’s a loaded question with Mom in the room.” – Nicki Hunnicutt Jeske

“You sleep in with your kiddo because you don’t have to get stuff done at exactly 7:30.” – Tammy Taylor

“You look to find a space in your house for another bookshelf.” – Dawn Griffit

“You consider your 13-year-old cleaning out the chicken coop part of his life/job skills class. You use time grocery shopping at 9 p.m. to discuss cost per unit and how to find the better deal.” – Carrie Bochman Anderson

“You go to a museum and say, ‘I’m counting this as a school day!’” – Gretchen Goodale Bender

“Your house looks like it’s been robbed because you have no time for OCD because you are investing your time in your children!” – Kath Willson

“When God is in every lesson. Oh, and one trip to the grocery store covers health, science, social studies, English, and etiquette.” – Juliea Bockenstedt Montague

“You have your first baby!” – Amy Reinking

“When your kids don’t feel pressured to mimic the world, and cool has a way different meaning. It means being yourself, without excuse.” – Brandi Rivera Austin

“When you are able to watch your children interact with others, and they have a look of shock over the amount of homework and bad manners their fellow peers have. When you are able to go off on tangents that your children have during a lesson and end up with a memorable and more rewarding day. When reading, you and your little ones cuddle together with a blanket and share sweet moments.” – Amanda L Jenkins

“You get to eat lunch w/ your children every day!” – Keisha Matthews

“You see the dotted lines on graham crackers and think ‘fraction manipulatives!’” – Cathy Blak

“You’re homeschooling during a blizzard!” – Linda Pritchard

“When my child is so observant of the world around her that no matter what each day holds, she learns something important all on her own and then comes and shares it with me!” – Jessica Wright

“When your active boys have recess before schoolwork.” – Ricky and April Espana


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