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26 October 4:00 am
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Strictly Math offers a 6th grade 647 page algebra course that starts with arithmetic and ends with complex word problems. The course takes the view that algebra for the most part is nothing but arithmetic with a touch of mystery (and excitement) added in. As a result, your student becomes a math detective…someone that will use algebra to find out whatever numbers are hiding in the clues that are given.

In addition to this fun premise, the course includes interesting side info and fun relatable examples such as the one below –

Think of a character named Bruce Wayne who occasionally puts on a mask and a cape, calls himself Batman, and goes out to fight crime. Bruce Wayne and Batman are both the exact same person, even though they have different names and dress differently. Because they are the exact same person:

  • If Batman is trapped in an elevator, then Bruce Wayne is trapped in that very same elevator
  • If Batman is in the office of Commissioner Gordon, then Bruce Wayne is in the office of Commissioner Gordon
  • If Batman is climbing up the walls of a building, then Bruce Wayne is climbing up the exact same walls of that exact same building

That is what happens when y equals x.

I’m sure you can already see that this course is much more interesting than the algebra course you probably took when you were in school!

Things I like about this course:

  • I like the detective bent.
  • I like the relatable examples like the one above, as well as interesting info sprinkled throughout.
  • It’s very straight forward and easy to understand – there is one idea per page (screen). This means there is a lot of blank space on the page….but it really helps in understanding the one concept. Visually, it just seems like it must be easy…. a one or two sentence concept? I can grasp that!
  • Solutions to exercises accompany the material for the student, to prevent spending too much time on an exercise problem that seems baffling.
  • The product is delivered as a PDF to purchasers – so there is no need to wait for the product, or pay shipping and handling charges (don’t you detest shipping and handling charges!).
  • There is a separate Teacher’s Manual that describes the curriculum and the aims of the course. The Teacher’s Manual has the end-of-module tests along with the solutions. The Teacher’s Manual is printer-friendly.
  • I love how the course ends –

    Congratulations, Detective!

    Now just look at you: Solving equations, doing calculations involving word problems, working with graphs, understanding basic number theory, mastering  ratios and proportions and percentages…….

    You are an Algebra detective!

    It is the consensus of everyone that you should be promoted. We hope to see you  in Grade 7 Algebra, where there is much more fun awaiting.

    But right now, congratulations are in order. You have accomplished something truly important and significant.

    See you on the next level of your career.

I don’t know about you…but I’m ready for the next book! I bet your kids will be too!

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