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Student Success Stories with Code Avengers

Young people all over the world are benefitting from learning to code with Code Avengers. We love hearing about the amazing things young people are doing. So we thought we would share a few with you.

Olivia – Web Developer


“My name is Olivia, I’m from Australia and about 18 months ago, I started the Code Avengers javascript course and since then, my life and direction has really changed. Just methodically working through the courses gave me the confidence to start looking at things like Stack Overflow where egos are so rampant it’s hard to get a word in. And not only that, but it got me making things that were worthwhile.

I did all this in my last year of high school, which if you ask any Australian teenager (or teacher) they’ll say was a bad idea. But I disagree. After getting my high school diploma I was hired by a web development agency and now I get paid to learn more and do what I love – while the rest of my friends are making themselves academic debt and not being sure if it’s for the right degree anyway.

I’m 18, doing what I love and learning the skill that you kicked off for me. So thanks!”-Olivia

(Read Olivia’s full story here)

Malik – Graphic Designer


Malik (age 18) was born and raised in the state of Georgia, in the United States. At an early age, Malik was inspired to learn web design. He used it as a way to express his feelings and channel them into something useful. After learning some coding skills himself, Malik’s teacher asked him to help tutor their web development class. Malik said, “The teacher initially used another website. But when everyone said ‘this stuff is boring’, she searched for alternatives and made the switch to Code Avengers.” “Students have short attention spans but the game-like environment of Code Avengers held their interest and actually got them working! It was simply amazing.”

Malik was excited by what he witnessed, and felt the site had the potential to make a huge impact globally, but needed a visual design that matched the quality of lessons. He believed he could make that happen. After contacting the creator of Code Avengers he soon was given the job of redesigning the website. Malik has been working part time for Code Avengers since April 2014 and after graduating high school in 2015 has gone all the way to New Zealand to join the Code Avengers team for the next 12 months. He can’t wait to travel around the USA running Code Camps, so he can share his passion for web design with kids all over the country. Malik’s story is indeed an inspiration to us all.

(read Maliks full story here)

Benjamin – App Developer


Benjamin is a 17 year old student from Canada. He started learning to code in 2013 using online resources. In early 2014 Benjamin attended Code Avengers Code Camp.My experience at Code Camp was great. The lessons they taught were very thorough, easy to understand, but still quite challenging. Whether you have no experience in programming or a lot, the Code Camp activities were dynamic to your skill level”, Benjamin explained. “I spent almost all of the weekend after Code Camp researching Phonegap. Phonegap is a framework that lets you use web development to create hybrid mobile apps. With Phonegap you can develop apps for most mobile platforms, where traditionally you would need to re-code an app for every platform”. “Since thenI have launched two mobile apps using Phonegap for Android and iOS. The experience so far has been fantastic, seeing words on a screen become a fully functional app. If I had never gone to Code Avengers Code Camp I wouldn’t have been able to make an app this quickly”.

“I will continue to develop mobile apps and hopefully make some successful ones. I will keep learning online and collaborating with others.Ever since I started programming, I knew that I wanted to work in a field that requires it. I will continue to program, learn, and pursue this passion. Thanks to Code Avengers Code Camp for getting me going and the great opportunity”. – Benjamin

Anesi and Osine – App Developers


At the ages of 12 and 14, Osine and Anesi from Nigeria decided to take on the task of learning how to code. They took advantage of online resources. “I learnt to code by myself. I started in 2013. One of the resources that helped me learn was Code Avenger” said Anesi.

After learning some coding they decided to develop a solution to a problem they faced. The plan to create a better browser for low end feature phones is one that is needed for the developing world. While Chrome and other browsers work great on high end smartphones, the majority of the world are not using this technology and need a low-end option that still provides quick browser response, so this is what the young men did. They built a better mousetrap for the phones they were using.

The browser they created, Crocodile Browser Lite is available in the google play store and has amassed over 60,000 downloads so far. The brothers hope to continue to create other useful applications for developing nations

(Watch their story here)

Success with code avengers (embedded video) video on these young people

What makes Code Avengers Such a great resource for learning to code.

During his PhD research, Code Avengers founder Michael Walmsley uncovered 12 key principles for an optimal online learning experience. By applying these principles, our team of expert educators are developing a learning platform that makes learning as fun and effective as possible.

Code Avengers provides:

  • Students learn how to build apps, games and websites with 150+ hours of interactive lessons.
  • Lessons are designed for complete beginners 12 years and older, but have been successfully completed by many 8-11 year olds.
  • Parents get live updates of student progress.
  • We give great support, so parents don’t require any prior knowledge.

What parents are saying:

“My 11-year-old is hooked. He finished 64 tasks in his first three hours and has begged me to continue even though it’s Saturday night.” Kent Osband, USA

“The progression in difficulty and level of repetition is perfect.”Chris Renshaw, UK

“My sons loving it so far and telling all his friends about it… it was hard getting him to go to bed once he started as he was enjoying it so much!” Teena Paul, NZ

To learn more about how Code Avengers can help you to make coding apart of your child’s curriculum and how to get access to our exclusive risk free 10 Day trial visit  You have nothing to lose but you child has everything to gain.





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