35 Fun Chanukah Activities

8 December 4:00 am
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35 Fun Activities for Chanukah – just one of the listings in’s Holiday Fun Event.

Want to teach your children about Chanukah? Or learn about it yourself?  Visit our Holiday Fun Event–there are six different Chanukah listings, which contain general information, activities and printables, recipes and more.

You might wonder–is it Chanukah? Hanukkah? Hannukah? Hannukkah? Channukah? Why are there so many different spellings? The answer has to do with transliteration. Unlike translation, transliteration is when you change letters, words, etc. into corresponding characters of another alphabet or language. In Hebrew, the word for Chanukah is not easily transliterated into English. This accounts for why there are so many spelling variants. But Chanukah and Hanukkah are the two versions that are most widely used and accepted.  Just fyi.  🙂

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