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We recently asked our product testers about social media sites they use.  This was a response about a website, and it was such an informative response, I thought I’d share it with you!  It’s from Patti –

One of my favorite websites that I came across a few weeks ago is

It has a free astronomy course for kids.  I am using this with my grandson because he expressed an interest in learning more about outer space.  There are many online games and printable worksheets, short movies and video clips, in addition to the actual lessons.  There is a lot of information packed in the website, and it can be used in various ways, depending on the individual’s needs.

The lessons are divided into 8 “packets”.  Each packet has 6 assignments with the 6th assignment being an observation of a constellation.  A final project is offered for those who chose to complete it.  The site offers a certificate for completing the course.

This site is a part of the Kids Know It Network (The Totally Free Children’s Learning Network) and several other subjects are available.

Thanks Patti!

Are there any websites you’d like to tell me about?  Just write me at [email protected]

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