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Building Your Child’s Grammar & Writing Foundation

Homeschool parents regularly tell us that teaching their child grammar and writing is very challenging. The only thing more challenging? Grading their child’s grammar and writing assignments. The rules of grammar can be complex and difficult to remember, not to mention writing is somewhat subjective. Plus, nothing makes a child aggravated like when mom is right.

Advice For Grammar & Writing Success

Time4Writing has a strong team of certified teachers, so we asked our lead teacher, Leslie Vogel, to share her suggestions for what she has seen work well for parents and children tackling the subjects of grammar and writing.

One piece of advice she offers sounds simple enough: start at the very beginning. “You can’t create a complete sentence without knowing and understanding how to use the parts of a sentence,” she says. “It is like building a house. Without a sturdy foundation, a house will crumble and one’s writing will fall apart.“ This is particularly important for parents and students who worry that they aren’t progressing far enough, fast enough.

Another suggestion from Ms. Leslie is to encourage your child to journal. “Even children as young as preschool can participate by drawing pictures. As children get older, journaling provides a way to practice writing without the pressure that is common with formal assignments. And, the student is usually writing about topics of interest, which naturally makes the process easier.” Parents and children can review the journal entries together and parents can offer suggestions related to spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

Still Need Help? It’s Never too Late

If you and your child still find working together on grammar and writing a struggle, consider Time4Writing. Time4Writing is a teacher-led writing program. That means each Time4Writing 8-week course is led by a certified teacher and as the homeschool parent, you no longer have to teach or grade your child’s work. Did your shoulders just relax? Did you just release a sigh of relief? We thought so.

Let Time4Writing help your children become the best writers they can be, and let us help you have one less thing to worry about.

New Course Now Available

Time4Writing is excited to offer a new course for elementary-aged students: Wild Animal Tales! Designed for advanced writers, this narrative and informative writing course teaches students all the components of this writing style as they learn about animals and their defense mechanisms. Learn more about our new course!


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